Our journey to date

We have chosen to be in stealth mode for the last 14 months whilst building through the bear market. We have not spent time building a community on the basis of hope - but rather have spent time, budget and resources designing and building a kick ass protocol and Web3 application that is ready for launch in Q3 2023.


November 2021 - Exploration phase

In late 2021 a diverse group of like-minded individuals with deep backgrounds in technology, videogames, venture capital, startups, merger and acquisitions, social media and blockchain to name a few. We are the core of what we hope will become a community dedicated to onboarding the next billion users to a bankless future where everyone has financial superpowers and the infrastructure to support it, where everyone can participate in decentralised investment and venture building.


Apr - June 2022- Seed funding

Master Ventures and Metavest Capital both provided a $150,000 loan respectively to fund the small team, development and administration in order to get the project off the ground. Their intention has always been for Common Wealth to evolve into a DAO, community owned, managed and run.

December 2022 - Designing & Laying the technical foundations

Lay the technical foundations, designing

October 2022 - Prototyping begins

In October 2022 there was a small NFT sale to provide funding to begin the prototyping phase.


April 2023 - Website & Public Reveal

Reveal publicly. Continue designing the application & platform build - now we want to share the vision - we don’t have all the answers and even though we aren't decentralised

April/May 2023 - Second Genesis NFT Sale

Second NFT sale we will now share more details, product roadmap. frame it in context of showing them planned use of funds - we are looking to raise 2 years of runway - 3 million a year - 6 million in total

Q4 2023

Early access / Beta testing starts

Q1 2024

Platform Launch / TGE; 1st themed fund, Community Fund; Evergreen Fund; Pomote2Earn rewards program;

H1 2024

Launch of 2nd themed fund; Learn2Earn rewards program

H2 2024

Launch of Participate2Earn rewards program; some off-chain governance enacted

H1 2025

Some on-chain governance enacted

What’s next for Common Wealth?

Come build with us!