Founding Member / Core Contributors

Formerly DemonWare, Activision-Blizzard, Intel. Tony has worked in technology for 25+ years, building and deploying high performance, high uptime services at internet-scale (600M+ users) and has won 40+ national & international awards. Tony has developed and ran the online services behind 100+ of the top videogames in the world - including Call of Duty, Destiny, and many others.
Alan is a global tech executive (Google and Meta) and has built and managed some of the most commercially successful teams and led and delivered on top regional and global priorities, his expertise is focused on the go-to-market strategy, building and scaling operations, and business development and partnerships. He has advised many promising German and UK companies over the years. Given Alan’s focus and expertise in the digital commerce domain, his skills and knowledge perfectly match our ambition to deliver the best possible digital investment platform for our customers.
Began his crypto investment journey in 2015, and ventured into crypto and forex trading in 2016. Personal background in competitive gaming. Previously a research assistant and advisor at Metavest Capital, a blockchain gaming investment VC.
With over 10 years of experience in the blockchain sector, Kyle Chasse leads the Master Ventures’ team with 65+ employees and serves as CEO of Paid Network. His contributions to blockchain started in 2014, with Kyle notably creating the first Bitcoin lottery. He also served as the COO of Credits, a BaaS company. Kyle has advised on tokenomics, product development, business growth, and fundraising for numerous businesses listed on Binance.
Tim is a co-founder at Metavest Capital, an analytical thinker, organisational development expert with 12 years and an MSc in management, and accountable for Metavest's business development and administration.
Baris is a Blockchain Engineer and an Electronics Engineer. He is highly experienced in blockchain design, implementation and integration in interoperability, finance and gaming areas. He has won the Avalanche Hackathon in 2020.
James Woolley is a Founding Partner at Metavest Capital, where he leverages his prescient and forward-thinking approach to technology entrepreneurship to incubate and invest in blockchain startups. With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, brand strategy, and growth hacking, and 10 years of experience in crypto investing, James is a seasoned expert with a sharp focus on innovative and disruptive technologies. Beyond his professional achievements, James is a devoted father of three and has been a passionate advocate for Bitcoin since 2013.
Global Head of Digital Asset & Technology Design at State Street. Formerly - technical advisory @ Portal Asset Management; Director of Financial Services and Assets @ IBM; advisory board member @ Stanford University. Nitin is a senior leader who designs and develops enterprise infrastructures and applications for Fortune 500 companies globally - with a proven track record of developing and delivering business strategies and forward-thinking initiatives for multimillion-dollar revenue growth. Nitin has acquired tremendous knowledge and experience within digital currency, central banks, digital finance, financial technology (fintech), regulatory technology (RegTech), and decentralized finance (Defi).
Designed digital compliance/HR suite, point-of-sale and stock management systems, business intelligence, VOIP, audio, network & security systems. Launched the Queensland Gamers League in North Queensland in the early 2000s, ex-professional Counter Strike player; involved in the crypto world since late 2016.
Co-Founder and Partner at Metavest Capital. Digital Currency Analyst. Jon is an innovative thinker, market & trading expert and head of Metavest’s investment strategy.
Managing Partner of Andromeda Capital. Senior Partner at Latitude Blockchain Services; advisor to 40+ crypto start-ups since 2017. Josh specialises in post-launch strategy to help create stronger, more active communities. As an early-stage strategic investor in over two hundred web3 startups since 2017, Josh has procured a trusted network of industry heavyweights, influencers and developers to guide synergistic partnerships and collaborations.
Notable Investments:
  • Avalanche, Chainlink, Near Protocol, Cosmos, Chia, Fetch AI, Celer