We believe in a world where everyone has access to the same investment opportunities.

By using technology that is more equitable by design, we propose a radical overhaul of the old ways of doing things. We propel society forward when we embrace innovation, when we question the status quo, and when we have the courage to act.
Nothing changes if nothing changes.
Common Wealth is an early stage investment platform for everyone - providing an all-access pass for retail investors to take control of their financial future. We are disrupting, scaling and optimising the traditional venture capital investment model using Web3 principles and technology.
By opening up access to the 99%, we will incentivise crowd-sourced wisdom and scale better standards of investment and education. We will prioritise high-level due diligence to verify trust, reliability, and security of projects.
In order to create a more democratic financial system we must take a first principles approach and create solutions from the ground up. It won’t be easy, there are many unknowns but one thing is clear: we must.
We set about designing a revolutionary economy, made possible by combining high level economic principles with the power of Web 3 technology. We have landed on a truly circular protocol where all value accrues to protocol and is redistributed to the community. It’s time to remove the limits of an antiquated, centralised VC model.
On “All Street”, every Limited Partner is a General Partner and will share in the wealth proportionally. Whether you are new to investing or a well seasoned member of the crypto community - Common Wealth is for everyone.
Whether you just want access to early stage deal flow or you become a participating member of the Common Wealth DAO: your contribution will never go unrecognised.

We believe collectively we are more than the sum of our parts.

Join us.

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