This lightpaper is designed to showcase the foundations we have laid over the last 12 months. It is intended as a living, breathing document that will evolve over the coming months as Common Wealth’s vision becomes more tangible and as our community takes ownership.
The design choices we have made so far have been engineered for maximum flexibility to ensure that they can be discussed and validated in order to build a product that truly answers the question that is central to our existence:
What if retail investors were invited to the same private, early-stage sale crypto deals as traditional venture capitalists?
Creating a technology stack, a customer experience and an economic model that brings this vision alive will not be without challenges. What you see below is the foundation we have built, our design philosophy, and a loud and public statement of intent for you to examine, question and contribute to.
This lightpaper is an invitation to each and every one of you to come on this journey with us. Today, Common Wealth is a centralised entity but over the coming months we will begin to uncouple ourselves and the project will be handed over to you, the Common Wealth community, a DAO for you to shape and guide as it grows.
We do not underestimate the task at hand. If we are successful, together, we will have paved the way for a fairer, more equitable investment model. Our success is predicated on your participation, critiques, and ideas.

Welcome to All Street.