The core of our mission is Education and Community. Our goal is to create an engaged and productive community that puts users in control of their financial destinies. Our platform emphasises high-quality discussions, ideas, and contributions over quantity - empowering collective decision-making and investment intelligence.

Community Values

As a protocol & an eco system, we will adhere to a set of guidelines based on our community's values, which promote cooperation, learning and growth. We prioritise mutual respect, inclusivity, and open-mindedness to foster a safe and constructive space for enhancing knowledge and skills. Honesty, transparency, and integrity are integral to our supportive and enjoyable environment. Our zero-tolerance policy on harassment and bullying underscores our commitment to safety and accountability for all members. We aim to create a culture of growth and development, where everyone's contribution is valued, and new perspectives are welcomed.


In order to onboard the next billion users we need to simplify the complex world of blockchain for new users. Whether by offering the best Web 3 has to offer via our beautifully designed mobile-first, user-first application or via a constantly evolving library of investment and blockchain micro-content Common Wealth aims to onboard, educate and enable the next generation of blockchain users. And we will reward you for learning as you grow. We have you covered.

Integrated community discussion

Whereas many Web 3 ecosystems are divided between a dApp and a community usually somewhere else, Common Wealth has taken a different approach and integrated a full-featured discussion and messaging forum directly into the CW app. In order to increase participation and to grow a mutually supporting community we knew we needed to remove the friction - but also to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. With the provision of structured, threaded conversations we can improve the clarity and engagement of the discussions, thereby creating a more collaborative environment leading to a better exchange of ideas and more fruitful outcomes.


To incentivise performance as well as to boost participation and engagement Common Wealth plans to offer several reward programs, and by gamifying the experience, encourage members to engage more deeply and create a more vibrant and active community.
Some planned reward programs include:
  • Learn-2-Earn program - educating the next billion web3 investors
  • Promote-to-Earn programs - help market the projects you believe in
  • Participation in governance and community
  • User referrals