All Street Oracles

Investment Council members

Nenter Chow of Animoca Ventures: A seasoned veteran with 17 years in investment banking and a pioneer in early DeFi projects. Chow is the strategy whiz you want on your team
Jack Ratkovich of HashKey Capital: He left PwC in the middle of the crypto gold rush in 2021 and hasn't looked back since. Co-founder of and a senior figure in ANG Ventures, Ratkovich is an investment guru redefining the game
Juliet Su of NewTribe Capital: From corporate investments to digital assets in 2017, Su's journey is nothing short of inspiring. She's the mastermind taking startups in the Middle East to new heights.
Karan Gandhi of Cypher Capital: A Senior Investment Associate and former senior venture architect, Karan is the brains behind the success of numerous tech startups.
Kyle Chassé of Master Ventures: A legend in the blockchain world, Chassé turned his success in regenerative medicine into a blockchain empire, driving the rise of over 100 early-stage projects.
Jonathan Woolley of Metavest: Specialising in web3 gaming investments, Woolley's focus on financial inclusivity within the crypto space is reshaping the traditional financial system.
Josh of Andromeda Capital: A titan in post-launch strategy, Josh has been the guiding light for over 40 crypto start-ups since 2017. He's the strategist every project dreams of.
Oliver Blakey of Paper Ventures: A former professional poker player turned DLT investment expert, Blakey's strategic play is now in the crypto realm.
Ben Clarke of A195 Ventures: With a background in finance and real estate, Clarke's transition to the digital world has been marked by notable success in blockchain technology investments.
David Waslen of Accretive: A veteran in corporate finance, venture capital, and private equity, Waslen's insight and experience in Web3 since 2016 are invaluable.
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